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Debbie Rees Bridal | Luxury Bridal Boutique

Long before opening her luxury bridal boutique and Wokingham Wedding Dress Shop at 75 Rances Lane in Wokingham, Debbie Rees had already attained what could only be considered a superior bridal pedigree.

After a five-year apprenticeship at the Savile Row tailoring company known for making the Queen’s guard’s uniforms, Debbie became the first female cutter and tailor at Gieves & Hawkes, the award winning Royal Warrants holder on Savile Row in London.

Debbie was with Gieves & Hawkes until 1999 during which time she also gained additional qualifications from the Royal College of Fashion in Kensington, London.

Today Debbie. and her team at Debbie Rees Bridal. have amassed an incredible 60+ years worth of bridal expertise making them unquestionably the BEST choice for Wedding Dress Shopping in Wokingham and likely the premier experts on all things bridal in Berkshire. Find out all about Debbie Rees Bridal right here at debbiereesbridal.com

Bridal Shops in Wokingham

Their are obviously a number of Bridal Shops in Wokingham, or at least nearby Wokingham, and certainly throughout Berkshire.

But at Debbie Rees Bridal you’ll receive a personalised pre and after sales service that is second to none in the area, ensuring you’ll feel nothing other than one-in-a-million on your special day. 

Some of the amazing services you can expect at Debbie Rees Bridal are as follows:

  1. Appointments to view and try on a number of designer Wedding Dresses and Gowns.
  2. Professional advice and expertise from exceptionally personable staff who’ll make you feel awesome every step of the way throughout your Wedding Dress Shopping and fitting experience.
  3. Almost every single wedding dress sold requires alterations to suit the intended bride and this “extra fee” service is offered to all who purchase.
  4. A Wedding Dress Storage service is offered should you purchase with Debbie Rees Bridal.
  5. Wedding Dress Cleaning is another after sales service Debbie Rees Bridal can assist you with should it be required.

The BEST Wokingham Wedding Dress Shop

There is much more you may wish to know about Debbie Rees Bridal so we urge tou to check out their website and particulalry pay attention to their comprehensive FAQs Page.

For full information about the boutique read more on their About Page and for the most up to date information regarding sale items check out their social accounts below.

Instagram /debbiereesbridal_
Facebook /debbiereesbridal

Debbie Rees Bridal Location

Located just outside of centralWokingham you’ll find Debbie Rees Bridal at 75 Rances Lane, Wokingham, RG40 2LQ but PLEASE NOTE this Wedding Dress Shop and Boutique is operated by appointment only so please don’t just turn up. Call ahead on 0118 327 5506 or email info@debbiereesbridal.com

If you would like any further information, request an appointment, ask any questions, or just to talk through the Wedding Dress Shopping process in more detail with the team at Debbie Rees Bridal, then please contact them direct via their website on the button below.