Wokingham Weddings Refund Policy

Refund Procedure for Products and Services

As Wokingham Weddings does not actually sell any of its own products we do not actually have a refund policy as such.

Should you purchase anything from any of the affiliates or businesses listed or advertised on our website then your sales contract is directly between yourself and the company that you purchased the goods or services from.

Having said that we are certainly prepared to go in and “bat on your behalf”, should any payment, processing or refund issues occur, especially as we have all the contact details and affiliate agreements in place with our local Wokingham Wedding event suppliers.

Refund Procedure for Advertising or Content Marketing

Should any issue arise in regards to any advertising you’ve ordered or already have running on the Wokingham Weddings website we’ll consider any reasonable refund request.

We’re not ogres!

We very much see any business relationship as a partnership to benefit both parties and as we are local ourselves we certainly want to be on the best terms possible with any of our own customers or clients.

Please use our Contact Us page to send an enquiry or querey and we should get back to you within 72 hours.